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O'Fun Park

The O'Fun Park adventure park is located just 15 minutes from Le Clos des Pins campsite. Head off on an adventure spanning over 20 hectares of forest that incorporates some hundred-year old oaks.

This adventure park is one of the most thrilling leisure parks in the Vendée region. In the O'Fun Park adventure park, you can explore 4 universes for young and old alike :

Water Jump Universe :

Devour the tracks and springboards of the O'Fun Park water jump through surfing, BMXs, skiing, bodysurfing, rubber rings or waterslides (equipment supplied). Thrills and spills guaranteed! Discover the delights of boardsports via over 13 tracks and 9 springboards split between 3 zones (practicable from the age of 5 upwards). 3 zones: Beginners zone, confirmed zone, expert zone.

Treetop Adventure Universe

Experience a unique adventure in an exceptional natural setting !
Make it to the end of your course by using rope bridges, monkey's bridges, knotted climbing ropes, a snowboard and other sports apparatus invented by O'Fun Park (equipment provided).

The 17 treetop courses at O'Fun Park :

• 1 introductory circuit
• 4 circuits for beginners
• 4 circuits for confirmed climbers
• 4 circuits for specialists
• 3 circuits for experts
• 1 maxi rope bridge circuit
• Night circuit in July & August (on booking)

Fun Challenge Universe

Come along and take up the O'Fun Park's Fun Challenges in the Vendée :

For the children : Le Défi fort débrouillard kids (The highly resourceful kids' challenge), Le Défi kart à pedals (The pedal kart challenge), Planète mômes (Kids' planet) and Manège (merry-go-round) in July & August.

For adults : Le Défi fort débrouillard (The highly resourceful challenge), La cité du délire (The crazy city), A circuit without harnesses) and Défi déval'kart (Hurtling kart challenge).

For everyone : Watersports, archery, rock climbing, games of skill.

And every Wednesday in July and August, come and challenge Passe Muraille (a ‘Mr Unremarkable' character) and his friends from the Fort Boyard show on French TV.

Paintball Universe

Challenge yourselves as a family or among friends over a hectare of forest (from 12 years of age). Various scenarios are possible. Equipment supplied with 150 pellets (suit, breastplate, mask, gloves, launcher…). Grenades, smoking apparatus and additional pellets.